Best Foundation Repair Companies

If you’re looking for the best foundation repair companies in the Houston area. Check out the house leveling masters at Angel Construction and Foundation Repair for a home or business solution.

Angel’s company has been helping residential and commercial customers in Houston Texas with their home improvement construction and foundation repair for over 10 years. He can take care of the various foundations found underneath homes from concrete slab, pier and beam, block & base, and mobile home house leveling services. Angel’s team are professional and take special care to ensure the customers are satisfied with his work every time.

His customers trust him and know he offers fair pricing for quality workmanship. We invite you to call today to request a free estimate for your house or commercial property. Angel provides brick repair and restoration too. In fact the brick and mortar repair is included in his price.

Get the details from Angel when you call to schedule your estimate or home evaluation. Other companies don’t have the expertise to take care of this leaving this task to the homeowner after they invested thousands of dollars. That’s not the case with Angel Construction and Foundation Repair.

They have experience working with brick, block, stone and all types of concrete work. They can even build you a brick retaining wall.

Repair your brick fireplace. Rebuild or construct a brick mailbox to improve your home’s curb appeal and value. How about brick columns for the front or back porch. Or, maybe on the side of the house. Lot’s of option with the experience construction capabilities with Angel’s construction company.

The main thing to keep in mind for all homeowner’s. Avoid making any home improvements until after you had your foundation problems corrected.

You don’t want to have to repay for all that work if your home’s foundation is still sinking or lifting in the corner due to poor soil conditions or has a cracked slab.

Get a professional foundation repair company or structural engineer to inspect the home. It’s better to know the foundation repair costs not rather than later. What are you waiting for. Make the call today! Call for your free estimate.